National Pass - Blue Mountains - Australia

Wentworth Falls Lookout

Many say the National Pass is one of the best walking trails in Australia.  It's easy to see why as we stand at the railing of Wentworth Falls Lookout.

Before us to the south lies a vast green landscape studded with cliffs, creeks and distant mountains – almost one million acres of wilderness make up the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.

Top of Wentworth FallsFrom our vantage point, we catch a glimpse of the top of Wentworth Falls as it starts its long drop into Prince Regents Glen.

We see the stepping stones where the National Pass trail crosses the top of the waterfall then clings impossibly to the sheer cliff face opposite where we stand.

My walking companions often express awe, and sometimes trepidation, when told they're going to descend that mighty rock face almost vertically.

Grand StairwayBut when I point out the zig-zag staircase cut into the cliff face and we see people, small as ants, safely walking the trail, awe quickly turns to excitement and an urgency to be off.

The National Pass is a six kilometre round trip and generally agreed to be a three-hour walk for anyone with reasonable aerobic fitness.

I know it's not an easy walk, but it's always an adventure you can enjoy in relative safety – a walk into prehistoric wilderness only a stone's throw from beautiful overnight lodgings.

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