National Pass - Blue Mountains - Australia

The Shortcut Track

If you walk only one trail in the Blue Mountains, make the National Pass the one you choose. The National Pass is an iconic walk. It is a definitive slice of an ancient continent, its plants and its animals.

This is a trail that can be walked either way and is definitely worth walking twice – but not on the same day!

In fact, the National Pass is very different in character when walked in the opposite direction.

Inspiring views which close in behind you as you enter canyons and pass under rain forest canopies do the opposite and open out like flowers as you walk the other way.


No matter where you're staying, or whichever end of the National Pass trail you set out from, there's a short trail that will prove handy.

You'll use this Short Cut Track at the start or the end of your adventure. It turns the National Pass into a loop and makes it easy to walk in either direction.

This pleasant level track takes only 15 minutes. It's the shortest of six entirely different walking trails that link the Conservation Hut [marker 1] kiosk and picnic area with the Wentworth Falls picnic area [marker 2]:

Short Cut Track
Breakfast Point and Den Fenella Trails
Undercliff and Overcliff Tracks
National Pass Trail
Wentworth Pass Trail
Vera Falls Trail and
  Hippocrene Falls wilderness walk

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