National Pass - Blue Mountains - Australia

Mid Falls - Wet and Wild

Moving through the rainforest, we're conscious of the growing roar of water crashing onto massive boulders strewn at the bottom of the first drop of Wentworth Falls.

ArrowSpray surrounds us as we follow the old original signage over recently built sandstone footpaths that give us easy access across the stream now heading towards its final direct drop into the valley.

The National Pass trail may not be for the faint-hearted, but it's certainly a trek that immerses you in a magnificent ancient environment.

Water DragonUnder the waterfall we often see water dragons sitting majestically on the rocks in the sun and the spray, and occasionally even sharing the trail with us.

In this part of Australia they're about two feet long when fully grown and although normally extremely shy, here they seem happy enough to show off for their human admirers.

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