National Pass - Blue Mountains - Australia

Empress Lookout

The National Pass trail now brings us to a grove of mature lillypillies which shade the track and carpet it with soft brown leaves.

This stretch of the trail – from here up to the Conservation Hut – is shared with another path, an interpretive bushwalk called the Nature Track.

Nature Track sign

But the Nature Track, which explores the head of the Valley of the Waters, is again a journey for another day.

I cannot pretend that the final ladder climbs are easy. Best take them at your own pace, admire their safety and remember they give walkers a lot of 'uphill' in a short time.

BottlebrushWith a distinct feeling of elation we look back into the abyss we've successfully ascended and I know everyone who has walked this track has similar feelings of personal achievement.

We pause a while at Empress Lookout to catch our breath and look down into the rainforest where Valley of the Waters Creek plummets out of Empress Canyon.

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