National Pass - Blue Mountains - Australia

Local Attractions

When you visit Wentworth Falls to walk the National Pass trail, there are many more memorable experiences that await you.

The NPWS Blue Mountains Discovery uses the National Pass for a variety of regular interpretive activities.

Tread Lightly eco tours operates fully guided bushwalks along the National Pass and throughout the Blue Mountains.

For more adventure, High n Wild will take you on an exhilarating abseil down Empress Falls onto the National Pass.

At Scenic World only 8km away, you can ride in luxury into the ancient forests that fill the valley between there and the National Pass.

And always a welcome sight after walking the trail, the Conservation Hut is a must stop for some light refreshment.

There is much more here than can fit into just one day, so book your overnight accommodation at moments Retreat & Cottages or

Whispering Pines Chalet and Cottages all of which are just a stones throw from the National Pass walking trail.

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